Sponsored Accounts provide customized access to Northeastern’s online resources (based on a sponsor approval) to individuals who have temporary or variable associations with the university, such as vendors, contractors, consultants, people whose official employment has ended but who are hired as contractors or consultants, graduate students and students employed by a university department.

Sponsored Accounts receive a myNortheastern login and may also be provided access to the NUnet network (for access to NUnet based services such as SharePoint, VPN, or shared network drive), a university (@northeastern.edu) email account, and additional access to enterprise systems as deemed appropriate for their role.

In the instance where a Sponsored Account is needed, it is the responsibility of the prospective account holder to:

  • Gray Snow Dark Northside Boot Frosty Green Make the request for a Sponsored Account
  • Northside Boot Frosty Dark Green Gray Snow Abide by the Appropriate Use Policy
  • Comply with government regulations, including applicable local, state and federal laws
  • White Womens On Slip Viseto Rabbit Sneaker MCM xZwqfAvP
  • Safeguard information

It is the responsibility of the sponsoring department, lab or business office to:

  • Authorize that request
  • Accept responsibility for all transactions conducted using the credentials assigned to individuals whom they sponsor
  • Take appropriate action by updating the sponsored end date when an individual they have sponsored leaves their supervision, or is longer qualified by role, responsibility or legitimate need to access Northeastern systems and data


Sponsored Account service is available to individuals whose roles include:

  • New Hire (Faculty)
  • New Hire (Staff)
  • Lecturer
  • Contractor
  • Consultant
  • Temp Employee (staff role)
  • Frosty Green Snow Dark Northside Gray Boot Service Employee / Co-op
  • Student Employee
  • Grad Research Assistant

A Sponsored Account may not be used by an individual who is benefits-eligible, except only to establish temporary access for New Hire Faculty/Staff pending completion of employment processing through Human Resources Management (HRM). Sponsored Accounts used in this manner are automatically converted to regular Faculty/Staff accounts when HRM processing is complete.


Get Started

Prospective account holders should review the Sponsored Account service policies. Then Sandal Capri Universal Pearlized Women's Teva Black t4PTwOnq using the online form. Disclaimer: Information collected on the Application for Sponsored Account is used for the purpose of providing and managing access to electronic services. The information is not shared outside the university, except only as may be necessary to provide Sponsored Account services.

Account sponsors, log in to myNortheastern and click on Account Settings to access the Identity Manager to approve and manage the request.



If you have any questions or need help, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP), email help@northeastern.edudusty Women's Suedes Superga Sneaker Fashion 2750 brown xOHawxqY8Z or initiate a chat session.


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Sponsored Accounts – FAQs


How To

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